Mid-South Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

Where we dont just build projects, we build relationships.

Dear Potential New Client,

Mid-South Mechanical Contractors, Inc. has served as a commercial HVAC contractor to the mid-south area for the past 14 years.  Our niche is in rectangular duct fabrication.  MSMC has a state-of-the-art shop that includes a Vicon full coil line and plasma tables; we can provide up to 5-foot lengths of duct.   Due to the years of operating as a mechanical contractor, we offer additional services that normal duct fabrication facilities cannot:  field experience that allows us to understand the needs of the contractors.  Listed below are examples of ways that we can help: 

1.  Coordination:  we can help determine the priorities and identify installation concerns,

2.  Field measuring:  We have HVAC installation Experts that can help (Terms apply), 

3.  Free Storage:  we know how limited storage space can be on construction sites, which can lead to quick-ship costs or not having materials when you need them.   We offer up to 2 months of free storage so that materials can be on-site when you need them (terms apply), and

4.  All duct assembled in shop:  We know through experience that the more we can do in the shop, the more time and money YOU save in the field.  Ways to save time and money:

      a.   All duct assembled in shop (including 5-foot straight duct),

      b.   All duct given color coded labels to help with floor and area designation of


      c.   All duct ends covered with blue protective plastic so that ducts stay clean throughout

             installation, &

      d.  Ducts sorted, stacked and wrapped on pallets by areas and complete systems for

            shipping or storage.

When you receive our duct with installation paperwork, your workers will be able to install the duct system like a puzzle.   Please contact us for additional assistance and pricing.